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NCH Tone Generator 3.26

Generate tones for aligning radio audio level and calibrating equipment
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NCH Tone Generator can be used to generate tones so it may come in handy for such uses as aligning radio audio level and calibrating sound equipment. Although the program is very easy to use, it requires background knowledge about acoustics, music and audio technology.

The application allows generating various types of waves, including sine, square, triangular, sawtooth and impulse, which you can visualize in the panel. Depending on your sound card, it is possible to create frequencies ranging from 1 Hz to 22 kHz. Moreover, the waves can be modified by changing their frequency and duration. Likewise, you can play a combination of up to 16 tones simultaneously.

The resulting tones can be saved as tone data files, which can be re-imported at any time for future work. This format has the limitation of being specific for this tool. So, if you intend to play your tones on other applications, it is a good idea to save them as WAV, a universally supported audio file format. Unfortunately, other common extensions are not available as output.

All in all, NHC Tone Generator is a tool with very specific purposes, and it may be highly appreciated by sound technicians and musicians. Unfortunately, the program contains lots of ads linking to other products by the same developer.

Pedro Castro
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  • Generates various types of waves
  • Plays up to 16 tones simultaneously
  • Supports frequencies from 1Hz to 22kHz
  • Exports WAV files


  • Contains ads linking to other products
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